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Jun 10, 2010 at 2:20 PM

Hey! GREAT application.

I just have one small thing: When a case is automatically created, CRM automatically sets the owner of the queue as OWNER of the case. I want the queue to be Owner, as I send an email to my customer with details about the customer service rep assigned to the case. So naturally, i want to send an email to the customer when the case has been assigned to one of my technicians.

So I tried putting in the attribute: "ownerid#GUID" but it does give me an erreor message: Dynamic property definition incorrect: ownerid#GUID_NUMBER

Why is this? I saw another post with someone who had problems with this, and it was promised to be solved in the next version, but that was in 2008? :)




Jun 11, 2010 at 8:27 PM

Glad you like it.

This problem was never solved because owner is set to the queue owner. We could always check to see whether the ownerid is specified in the caseattribute setting and let you handle it yourself. That wouldn't solve the problem however because it would always be the same user, although another. The problem here is that we can't wait until you have assigned it - it would cause too big changes to the application because we then need to scan cases as well in addition to e-mail. 

However, you can always set sendcasemail to false and build a workflow that will send an e-mail to the client once certain criterias have been matched such as ownerid differs from queue owner,  status equals something or a custom attribute set to something. That means you only use QM to match customers and create the case and the rest of the features in there that you might use. You only deal with case assignment/e-mail notification. Or, you could even send an initial e-mail from QM that let the customer know that you have received it and an issue has been created. When your dispatchers assign it a workflow could send another mail to the client saying "Mike is now working on it" and inform of more specific details that required human intervention such as severity, priority, expected response times, contract details etc etc. 

Just my 5 cents.

Take care,